Friday, December 15, 2006

To sit on top of the infamous boy mountain and watch the city below. Our arms intertwined, gaze starry and mood light yet subtlety intense. We were not connected in other ways, yet we were so close at that moment. This image so etched in my mind. I wanted it badly but it was not a time to let it happen. One thing would lead to another and our lips would meet. A connection of intensity, thoughts flowing in a rhythmic dance. I check your catharsis at a repetitive rate. Knowing that there is a past is reassuring. It is so good to know, truly amazing. It suggested being capable of more than only a surface level connection.

 I didn’t want it just to be funky. I wanted it to be viable. Intense and viable. I guess funky needs to be there too. I guess I am just living, no, thinking even the dream. The one where connection was possible. Why am I even writing this? Is it to prove something? Give a deeper meaning... I think so. I was toying with my emotions and bringing out this connection. Im using words which related to the net. A network of computers, so black and white, so binary. This leaves nothing for the imagination yet mine is running wild.

There is a storm on the way. I can feel it its in the air, my breath. I can taste it on my tongue. Did I write this for the dramatic element or was it a premonition?