Sink your teeth in and remove the outside edge it is the inside we all think is the nicest. Sometimes though it is nice sitting outside people still achieve outside.

I remove myself from the real and into the digital to escape and look out that window to see what might be. I don’t understand those boy things. They are weird and a knowledge onto their own. Like the handle to a window with a foreign lock which latches the window shut with no visible way to open.

Come create with me. Take my hand and we’ll make a business. Take a jump and I’ll be their if you fall. Its about creating communities and I know your good at that. The world is digital and China is our backdoor neighbour.

We were the new boys before fumbling around with that four letter word. Your word had a ‘u’ and a ‘m’ and mine had an ‘a’ and a ‘y’ we both found each other and the we can be sure that both G’s were in the same page brightening each word. We can cast some of the thoughts away from that now and focus on that spark that happens when we share ideas. We are both creative at heart and we have that vision. Perhaps we can create that. I think it has a name too.

The autonomy. Cinema space, café, arts venue. Simple sharp and sweet. It gives back just as much as it takes and takes nothing for granted. I’ve realised that atuonomy is our idea and we have to do it dood. I insist.
The Autonomy of Unknown Pleasures